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Terms of service


This document is the terms and conditions/service to which the clinic practices as well as the management and website data. 

Information correct as of April 2023 and subject to change without notification.

For all appointments booked the following terms and conditions apply. 

  1. Company" and "Clinic" refers to Performance Chiropractic Gloucester 

  2. "Patient" means any person who has completed the registration form or made a booking and their  registration has been accepted by the Company. 

  3. "Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions.

  4. Pricing and Cancellation Policy: Prices vary by time, location, and appointment type; please check current prices at time of booking. Payment by Cash or Cheque, payable at the appointment.

  5. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments or those cancelled without 24 hours' notice. It gives us the chance to offer your appointment slot to another patient.

  6. Request of a medical report for insurance or referral purposes we reserve the right to charge on a time and materials basis. The minimum fee is £20. 

  7. Performance Chiropractic Gloucester have a zero-tolerance policy towards violent, threatening, and abusive behavior. All staff in this practice have the right to do their work in an environment free from violent, threatening or abusive behavior and everything will be done to protect that right. At no time will any such behavior be tolerated in this practice. If you do not respect the rights of our staff we may choose to inform the police and make arrangements for you to be removed from our patient /client list.

  8. Patients must be 18 or over or have their parents’ written consent before becoming a patient of the Clinic (which consent must be made available on request).

  9. Payments for treatments in any amount are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions.

  10. In the interests of safety and hygiene, no food is permitted in the clinic. With the exception of guide dogs no pets are permitted in the Clinic.

  11. The Company is committed to keeping your data secure by GDPR and has updated terms and conditions in line with GDPR and may, if a patient wishes, communicate with the Patient by electronic mail ("email"). By supplying an email address to the Company, the patient consents to receiving email communications from the Company, including notices following the Terms and Conditions. The patient also accepts the risk that email may not be a secure and confidential means of communication. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of communicating with a patient by email.


Chiropractic Initial assessment: 

  1. Initial appointment: A patient that has not received a full examination and diagnosis will be classed as a new patient. This appointment may take up 45 mins to an hour. The initial assessment is booked for 60 mins; however, the full 60 minutes may not be required. Depending on the nature and severity of the patient's condition/injury.

  2. The initial assessment slot time is allocated for examination and assessment of injury or condition. If the patient's injury is deemed suitable for chiropractic (by the Chiropractor) then the first treatment session is included within the time allowed and is included in the fee. 

  3. Please note that after the initial assessment has been carried out, our Chiropractor may decide they cannot provide the relevant or necessary services and may not deem chiropractic care as appropriate route of care. A fee of £45.00 is applicable in this instance. 


X-rays and Imaging: 

  1. There are strict guidelines in place about taking x-rays. The chiropractors at the clinic will only recommend that an x-ray is taken if there is a valid clinical reason for doing so.

  2. We refer to outside medical facilities for X-rays and MRIs, please ask us for more details about where we can refer and the cost of imaging.

Treatment sessions: 

  1. Treatment session length may vary and can vary up to 20-30 minutes. This is decided by the chiropractors and the management of the patient's condition.

  2. The length of time of the appointment does not necessary indicate the injury will improve at a quicker rate. 

  3. Treatment sessions may consist of therapy or exercise/rehab sessions, on the chiropractors discretion. 

  4. Cost of treatment sessions is £45.00. Time and cost are not mutuality related, the fee is concurrent with the chiropractor's experience and knowledge.



  1. Cost of treatment is made clear in reception and on the website. 

  2. Our fees for each session are confirmed by us to the patient. 

  3. We do not negotiate with packages of care. Our treatment is transparent and up front and is based on the individual's injury and variables around that injury. 

  4. Patients are personally liable to pay fees and any surcharges incurred for late cancellation or missed appointments. 

  5. We accept all major insurance companies / third parties that have chiropractic as a level of cover. 

  6. It is the patient's responsibility to check with the level of cover for third parties claims. 

  7. It is the patient's responsibility to pay any excess that is occurred on the account. 

  8. Insurance provider number and authorisation code is required to provide care. 

  9. Any treatment they do not cover/pay for is allocated to the patients account with PCG. 


Chiropractic referral scheme

  1. Current patients who refer new patients (see definition above 1) will receive 50% off their next chiropractic appointment only. 

  2. This 50% off fee is not transferrable to another patient or to the new patient in question. The patient may pay / gift money onto the account through the card machine services. 

  3. The 50% fee must be used within 6 months. 

  4. A referral code will be emailed by reception once the referee / ‘new patient’ has completed the initial consultation by the chiropractor at PCG. 

  5. No limit is placed on the amount of 50% off codes a patient can accrue. 

  6. Codes can be used once only. Codes are logged and auto generated. 



  1. We enforce a 24-cancellation policy at the clinic for any appointments made. Patients are liable to pay for the cost of the session if cancellation is made under 24 hours to the treatment start date. If your insurance company are liable and they do not pay, the patient in question is liable for this fee.

  2. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments or those cancelled without 24 hours' notice. It gives us the chance to offer your appointment slot to another patient.


Arriving late to an appointment 

  1. If the patient arrives late to a session, the session will begin on the patients arrival time and end at the scheduled time. As not to affect the next appointment. 

  2. If patients are more than 10 mins late; the chiropractor may cancel the session at their discretion. Cost for this time is incurred by the scheduled patient. The fee will not be reduced due to the patient running late, the full fee will be charged. 

  3. Reminders are sent on the date of booking your appointment along with a follow up email 2 days prior to the appointment. Please check the date and time of the booking. 

  4. Any double bookings or queries of appointment times will be cross checked with the reminder emails sent out. It is the patient's responsibility to keep current contact details up to date. 


Early termination or cancellation of services 

We reserve the right to cancel the services provided to the patient by the clinic. Examples include inappropriate behavior by the patient, verbal, or physical abuse towards staff members of the clinic. 


If a patient are unhappy with the services Performance Chiropractic Gloucester provides, we have a complaints procedure to help resolve problems quickly. 


  1. Most problems are best resolved early with open communications.  However, if patients wish to make a more formal complaint in a time frame of a few days to enable us to address the matter promptly. Complaints should be addressed to Danny Adams, Clinic Director either in writing or by requesting a meeting. 

  2. The patient should be as specific as possible about the complaint which they wish to make to allow us to investigate the matter thoroughly. 


  1. Normally, we will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and give you an explanation or arrange a meeting within ten working days. 


  1. We observe strict rules of confidentiality.  If someone is complaining on another patients behalf, we will require written authority from the person named in the complaint so that he/she can act on your behalf. 


  1. If the complaint remains unresolved, you may refer the matter to the profession’s statutory regulator, the General Chiropractic Council, 44 Wicklow Street, London WC1X 9HL.

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